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  • Dual membership in the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS)

  • One million dollars of liability insurance through NFHS

  • Quarterly GCCA newsletter via email

  • Website with information and links to state and national organizations:

  • Annual spring and summer conferences with important clinics for technical, safety, and liability information

  • Certification classes through national programs

  • Membership directory listing other coaches around the state

  • Information on state and national organizations, competition, sportsmanship, and other important concerns at your fingertips

  • Opportunity to nominate candidates for Cheerleader of the Year Scholarship / All-State cheerleading squad (COTY) #GCCACOTY

  • Eligible to be nominated for Georgia Cheerleading Coach of the Year #GCCACoachOTY

  • Opportunity to nominate your team for the Georgia Team of the Year #GCCATeamOTY

  • Fellowship and fun in getting to know your fellow cheerleading coaches across the state

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